Mornings on Horseback Fun Activities

David McCullough
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Scene Representation

Draw, paint, or create another type of representation for some scene in the book. For example, you might draw a picture of Theodore, Sr. giving a speech or of the family at Oyster Bay.

Character Match

Assign each student a particular character in the book, but place the information on his/her back so the student is not aware of which character he/she is. Have the student ask questions to figure out which character he/she is.


Create a short documentary about Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. Include historical pictures or other information in the work.

Short Story

Write a short story using one of the figures in the book as the main characters. For example, you might write about Theodore's time in the West or Bamie's time in the Paris school.

Natural History Museum

Teedie spent time as a child collecting animal and bird specimens...

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