Mornings on Horseback Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

David McCullough
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Part 1, Chapter 1 Greatheart's Circle

• Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. and his wife lived in New York and had four children.

• The house that the family lived in was like many others in New York and it had been given to the family by Theodore's father.
• Theodore, Sr. was a good man who engaged regularly in charity work and who loved his children.

• Bamie resembled Theodore, Sr. She suffered from Pott's disease.

• Teedie was frail, undersized, and suffered from asthma.

Part 1, Chapter 2 Lady from the South

• Mittie Bulloch was from a slave-owning Georgia family.

• Theodore met Mittie on a trip to the South in 1850, and the two fell in love.

• The couple married in 1853 and Mittie moved to New York.
• Mittie's sister, Anna, and her mother also moved to New York with the family.

• The Roosevelt children were born in the decade following the wedding.

• The Civil War created problems for...

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