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Short Answer Questions

1. Lambert tells Nicholas that:

2. HOw many other boys have disappeared in the past year?

3. Why was the Justice come to the town?

4. While they are waiting for Lord de Guise, they:

5. The Justice promises Nicholas that:

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Martin error and how did he correct his error?

2. Where does Nicholas go after leaving the castle?

3. What does Nicholas learn about the activities of John Lambert?

4. What do Martin and Nicholas learn at the jail?

5. How did the players think they would deal with Lord de Guise?

6. What promises does the Justice make?

7. Why does Nicholas misrepresent himself as a representative of the King's Justice?

8. When Martin begins the Prologue to the play, what does he explain to the audience?

9. What do they learn about Lord de Guise?

10. Why do the players feel they are in danger?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why would the Monk want to implicate the Weaver? What kind of activities did John Lambert engage in that would make the Monk want to silence him?

Essay Topic 2

The players are a team both on and off the stage. What does this suggest abut the role of teamwork? Did you learn anything about teamwork from working in groups?

Essay Topic 3

Who is the King's Justice? Why does he appear in the town? Do you think Nicholas was right to trust him after he escaped from the castle? Why or why not?

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