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Short Answer Questions

1. Which words does Martin use that do not apply to God and Satan?

2. The man living with Thomas Wells' mother was:

3. What did Nicholas do for Sir Robert de Brian?

4. At first, Nicholas thought the group of people were:

5. The expenses of the group are paid:

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the players announce the new play?

2. What happened to Stephen's thumb?

3. How does Nicholas feel about his performance?

4. How do the players learn the story of Thomas Wells?

5. What does Martin feel are problems for the players?

6. Why does Stephen get into a fight with the jongleurs?

7. What does Nicholas learn as they travel?

8. What was Nicholas fleeing from when he saw the group of people?

9. What does Nicholas see the group of people do?

10. Why did Nicholas ask to join the group?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why would the Monk want to implicate the Weaver? What kind of activities did John Lambert engage in that would make the Monk want to silence him?

Essay Topic 2

After the first performance of the play of Thomas Wells, the players decide they are in danger. Why? Some of them want to leave town but Martin says not until after the second performance. Why does he want them to stay? What happens as a result?

Essay Topic 3

How does MORALITY PLAY compare to other murder mysteries that you've read? In what way does Unsworth build suspense? Is it effective in your opinion? Why or why not?

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