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Short Answer Questions

1. Who turned in Roger True's daughter?

2. What does Martin do after the burial?

3. Before the funeral, Margaret:

4. Who breaks up the fight and settles the issue?

5. What does the innkeeper demand from Martin?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the players learn the story of Thomas Wells?

2. What is the group's decision about doing a play based on the murder?

3. What do Martin and Nicholas talk about?

4. Why was Thomas Wells wandering around with a purse full of money?

5. Why does the group have money problems as they travel?

6. Why do the players at first object to doing a play about a real life event?

7. What is the subject of the Play of Adam?

8. What does Nicholas learn as they travel?

9. Why is Nicholas so pleased with himself?

10. What happened to Stephen's thumb?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why would the Monk want to implicate the Weaver? What kind of activities did John Lambert engage in that would make the Monk want to silence him?

Essay Topic 2

What is your opinion of the book? Is it a good way to do a murder mystery? Did the book hold your interest?

Essay Topic 3

The author has various techniques that he uses in the book. Discuss the use of light and what it means. Why is Death referred to with a capital 'D'?

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