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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Thomas Wells obtained the money he was carrying by:
(a) stealing.
(b) selling the family cow.
(c) work.
(d) his mother borrowed it.

2. Why did Nicholas leave the woman's house so quickly?
(a) her husband arrived home.
(b) he had to go home.
(c) he had an appointment.
(d) they had a fight.

3. What is supposed to happen to Roger True's daughter?
(a) she will be hanged.
(b) she is becoming a nun.
(c) she will be married.
(d) she is having a baby.

4. What does the group do with the body?
(a) takes it to the morgue.
(b) leaves it in the snow.
(c) put it on a cart.
(d) bury it.

5. Who is the group's patron lord:
(a) the Bishop.
(b) Robert Sandville.
(c) Sir Robert de Brian.
(d) Sir William Percy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who bargains with the innkeeper?

2. The group decides they will:

3. At first, Nicholas thought the group of people were:

4. The man who died was:

5. What does the group ask Nicholas to do for them?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Nicholas cause distress to his Bishop?

2. What does the group find strange about the circumstances surrounding Thomas Wells' death?

3. What happened to Stephen's thumb?

4. Why does the group have money problems as they travel?

5. Why does Martin linger after Brendan's funeral?

6. Why does Martin stop the players from packing the cart?

7. What does the innkeeper demand that angers Stephen?

8. Why do the players at first object to doing a play about a real life event?

9. With whom do Martin and Tobias arrange the funeral of Brendan?

10. What does Nicholas see the group of people do?

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