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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What role did Brendan play better than anyone?
(a) Devil's Fool.
(b) court jester.
(c) Devil.
(d) angel of God.

2. What do they learn has occurred in the town?
(a) a robbery.
(b) the birth of the lord's son.
(c) a murder.
(d) the marriage of the lord's daughter.

3. Roger True, the girl's father is a:
(a) farmer.
(b) innkeeper.
(c) shopkeeper.
(d) Weaver.

4. What does Nicholas learn from the character Straw?
(a) acrobats.
(b) dance.
(c) the song he is to sing.
(d) mime.

5. The expenses of the group are paid:
(a) by Nicholas.
(b) from a common purse.
(c) by each individual.
(d) by thievery.

Short Answer Questions

1. The group arranges burial for Brendan with the:

2. In the Play of Adam, Springer plays the role of:

3. What does Nicholas ask the group leader?

4. His mother gave Thomas Wells the money and sent him home so:

5. Who turned in Roger True's daughter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lord de Guise want from the players?

2. Why does Martin linger after Brendan's funeral?

3. Where are the players taken when they arrive at the castle?

4. Who does Nicholas decide to see for information?

5. Why does Martin stop the players from packing the cart?

6. What do Martin and Nicholas talk about?

7. Where does Nicholas go after leaving the castle?

8. How do the players perform the play?

9. Why do the players at first object to doing a play about a real life event?

10. What information does Stephen learn?

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