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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Martin's conclusion about the girl is that she is:
(a) innocent.
(b) guilty.
(c) confused.
(d) he has no opinion.

2. How does Martin communicate with Jane?
(a) through her father.
(b) they speak together.
(c) they can't communicate.
(d) mime and gesture.

3. What other question is raised in the play?
(a) why was the woman on the road.
(b) nothing.
(c) why was the Monk on the road.
(d) why was the boy on the road.

4. Why was the Justice come to the town?
(a) for the jousting tourney.
(b) he is just passing throutgh.
(c) to investigate the murder of Thomas Wells.
(d) he is investigating Lord de Guise.

5. What does Nicholas blame for their problems?
(a) God.
(b) Martin.
(c) Springer.
(d) Death.

6. How was the strangling of Thomas Wells portrayed:
(a) in dumb stage.
(b) very realistically.
(c) it was only alluded to.
(d) verbally.

7. The son of the lord, William:
(a) is boasting of setting up the woman.
(b) roams the village.
(c) is demented.
(d) has been locked in his room.

8. The play is ended by:
(a) Martin being killed.
(b) Tobias fleeing from the stage.
(c) Margaret screaming.
(d) Lord de Guise's men surrounding the players.

9. What question does the character of Thomas Wells raise?
(a) how did the woman know of the purse.
(b) why was he killed.
(c) how did the Monk know about the purse.
(d) how did the Monk know about the woman.

10. During the course of the performance, the players reveal:
(a) the nature of Lord William.
(b) the corruption of the innkeeper.
(c) the sources of their information.
(d) their true identifies.

11. Nicholas is wearing:
(a) ordinary clothing.
(b) a cloak from the player's costumes.
(c) his priestly habit.
(d) beggar's clothing.

12. The Justice promises Nicholas that:
(a) Nicholas will not be harmed.
(b) qhe will hold an inquiry.
(c) he will try Lord de Guise.
(d) the girl will be freed.

13. Lord de Guise's daughter enters the room and:
(a) says it is time for dinner.
(b) says her father has visitors.
(c) asks for the priest.
(d) wants to see the play.

14. In the play Thomas Wells says the purpose of the purse was to:
(a) tempt the Monk.
(b) implicate the Weaver.
(c) lure highway robbers.
(d) lure the girl.

15. When the play resumes, Martin raises the question of:
(a) comparing the bruises on the bodies of the Monk and Thomas Wells.
(b) how did the Monk die.
(c) freedom for Jane.
(d) questioning the other monks.

Short Answer Questions

1. After leaving the room, Nicholas:

2. HOw many other boys have disappeared in the past year?

3. What does Lambert say about his daughter:

4. In the play, Thomas Wells is portrayed as:

5. At the beginning of the performance, Martin tells the audience that:

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