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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the group ask Nicholas to do for them?
(a) dance.
(b) pray.
(c) read.
(d) sing.

2. What is the occupation of Nicholas Barber?
(a) priest.
(b) robber.
(c) storekeeper.
(d) actor.

3. Where is the troupe heading for?
(a) London.
(b) Dover.
(c) Durham.
(d) unknown.

4. Why did Nicholas leave the woman's house so quickly?
(a) they had a fight.
(b) her husband arrived home.
(c) he had to go home.
(d) he had an appointment.

5. Who did Margaret obtain information from:
(a) Flint.
(b) the tavern keeper.
(c) the grave digger.
(d) the innkeeper.

6. What have all plays been based on?
(a) wars.
(b) the Bible.
(c) real life events.
(d) history.

7. What does Martin propose?
(a) they return to their patron lord.
(b) they do a play based on the murder.
(c) they break up the group.
(d) nothing.

8. As they travel, Martin teaches Nicholas:
(a) how to live off the land.
(b) how to beg.
(c) his lines for the play.
(d) hand movements.

9. Who breaks up the fight and settles the issue?
(a) the innkeeper.
(b) the sheriff.
(c) a Knight.
(d) the King's Justice.

10. In the opening of the chapters, Nicholas talks about:
(a) his lust.
(b) the distress he has caused his bishop.
(c) his ability to sing.
(d) his childhood.

11. Who does Stephen have a fight with?
(a) the innkeeper.
(b) Nicholas.
(c) jongleurs.
(d) a Knight.

12. What is the subject of the discussion the group has?
(a) whether or not to bury Brendan.
(b) how to travel.
(c) where to find food.
(d) what play to perform.

13. Which part of the Devil's Fool role can't Nicholas do?
(a) dance.
(b) sing.
(c) juggle.
(d) hand activities.

14. What does Martin do after the burial?
(a) goes to visit the local priest.
(b) talks to Margaret.
(c) talks to the knights.
(d) talks to the grave digger.

15. What does the group do together?
(a) attends Brendan's funeral.
(b) talk to the Knights.
(c) fought with the jongleurs.
(d) looks for information.

Short Answer Questions

1. The specialty of the character Springer is:

2. The group arranges burial for Brendan with the:

3. Where does the group plan to perform?

4. What terms does Martin not use to describe a play about the murder?

5. What do they learn has occurred in the town?

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