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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who scares the players as they are talking at the graveyard?
(a) the Knight.
(b) the jongleurs.
(c) the gravedigger.
(d) the Monk.

2. What is the occupation of Nicholas Barber?
(a) actor.
(b) storekeeper.
(c) robber.
(d) priest.

3. What role did Brendan play better than anyone?
(a) court jester.
(b) Devil.
(c) Devil's Fool.
(d) angel of God.

4. The group decides they will:
(a) leave immediately.
(b) delay their departure.
(c) gather informaiton from the people in the town.
(d) return to their patron lord.

5. In the road, Nicholas sees a group of people:
(a) fighting.
(b) performing a play.
(c) removing the body of a dead man.
(d) singing.

6. What is Stephen upset about?
(a) the King's Justice.
(b) Brendan's death.
(c) the murder.
(d) low attendance and splitting the proceeds with the innkeeper.

7. How does the group earn their money:
(a) by doing odd jobs.
(b) by begging.
(c) they receive wages from their lord.
(d) by stealing.

8. Who bargains with the innkeeper?
(a) Brendan.
(b) Nicholas.
(c) Margaret.
(d) Stephen.

9. What does Nicholas do for the first time since joining the group?
(a) he asks for money.
(b) he gives an order.
(c) he prays.
(d) he expresses his opinion.

10. As Nicholas is falling asleep, what does Martin ask him?
(a) to play a bigger role.
(b) to go for a walk.
(c) to leave the players.
(d) to manage their money.

11. Where is the troupe heading for?
(a) Durham.
(b) unknown.
(c) Dover.
(d) London.

12. How many people did Nicholas count in the group?
(a) five.
(b) six.
(c) four.
(d) three.

13. The man living with Thomas Wells' mother was:
(a) a drunk who beat the boy.
(b) a hard worker.
(c) good to the boy.
(d) gone from the area.

14. As they travel, Martin teaches Nicholas:
(a) how to live off the land.
(b) hand movements.
(c) his lines for the play.
(d) how to beg.

15. What does the group ask Nicholas to do for them?
(a) sing.
(b) dance.
(c) pray.
(d) read.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the group do with the body?

2. What does the group have Nicholas do after accepting him?

3. What does Nicholas ask the group leader?

4. Roger True, the girl's father is a:

5. What month is it when Nicholas leaves without permission?

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