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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who breaks up the fight and settles the issue?
(a) the sheriff.
(b) the innkeeper.
(c) a Knight.
(d) the King's Justice.

2. What have all plays been based on?
(a) real life events.
(b) wars.
(c) history.
(d) the Bible.

3. Who does Stephen have a fight with?
(a) jongleurs.
(b) a Knight.
(c) Nicholas.
(d) the innkeeper.

4. What does the group do with the body?
(a) leaves it in the snow.
(b) takes it to the morgue.
(c) put it on a cart.
(d) bury it.

5. What does the group finally do with Brendan's body?
(a) place it in the cart and take it with them.
(b) bury it in a proper grave.
(c) cover it with snow.
(d) cremate it.

6. Brendan's body:
(a) was left behind.
(b) was buried.
(c) was dumped.
(d) begins to smell.

7. What does Martin propose?
(a) they do a play based on the murder.
(b) they return to their patron lord.
(c) nothing.
(d) they break up the group.

8. Who did Margaret obtain information from:
(a) the innkeeper.
(b) the tavern keeper.
(c) the grave digger.
(d) Flint.

9. What is Nicholas' view of his first performance?
(a) it was a failure.
(b) it was a success.
(c) he forgot his lines.
(d) he was too nervous.

10. What made Nicholas' 'heart swell with pleasure'?
(a) Stephen confiding in him.
(b) Martin saying he will expand his role.
(c) Martin's praise of his performance.
(d) the monk asking for his advice.

11. What information does Martin learn about the murder?
(a) the boy was asking for the woman.
(b) the woman was seen yelling at the boy.
(c) the woman made it known she was looking for the boy.
(d) the woman was seen near the road when the boy was killed.

12. What kind of performance are the players going to give?
(a) singing.
(b) dancing.
(c) Greek tragedy.
(d) the Play of Adam.

13. What does Nicholas ask the group leader?
(a) if he could travel with him.
(b) will they bury the body.
(c) would they perform for him.
(d) will they report the death.

14. Before the funeral, Margaret:
(a) cries for Brendan.
(b) shaves Nicholas' head.
(c) quarrels with Stephen.
(d) leaves the group.

15. Why wouldn't the innkeeper haggle over the price of the accommodations?
(a) he was overbooked.
(b) he didn't like the look of the group.
(c) they were vagabond players.
(d) he thought they were robbers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who changes Brendan's clothing?

2. Who bargains with the innkeeper?

3. What are the group's plans for the town they are entering?

4. Which character had his thumb severed?

5. The character Tobias functions as the:

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