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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Martin do after the burial?
(a) goes to visit the local priest.
(b) talks to the grave digger.
(c) talks to the knights.
(d) talks to Margaret.

2. Thomas Wells died by:
(a) stabbing.
(b) speared.
(c) strangulation.
(d) blow to the head.

3. Nicholas notes that as the play beings:
(a) the innkeeper asked them to leave.
(b) the players were concerned about the sheriff.
(c) the audience booed.
(d) the is a strange light.

4. When Nicholas walks through the town, he sees:
(a) a beggar fighting a dog for an egg.
(b) a woman lying in the snow.
(c) two men fighting.
(d) a man who had frozen to death.

5. How do Martin and Nicholas gain admittance to Jane's cell?
(a) they are refused.
(b) the Sheriff gave permission for the visit.
(c) they accompany John Lambert to visit.
(d) by paying the jailer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who changes Brendan's clothing?

2. In the Play of Adam, Springer plays the role of:

3. What are the players allowed to take with them to the castle?

4. What does the innkeeper demand from Martin?

5. What have all plays been based on?

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