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Chapter 1

• The priest committed adultery because he was hungry and had to escape when the husband returned home. On the road he meets a group of people removing a body.
• The priest, Nicholas Barber,wants to join the wandering players but never thought of taking the dead man's, Brendan's, place. Brendan was a singer.

Chapter 2

• Nicholas explains his reasons for disobeying his Bishop. It is not the first time he left without permission
• Nicholas changes clothing with the dead man and watches as the others mourn Brendan.

Chapter 3

• As the group travels, Martin teaches Nicholas what he needs to know to be a player. He learned from each of the players and also learned about them.
• The group enters a town where they figure they can earn some money performing.

Chapter 4

• The group finds lodging in the barn at the inn and plans to perform in the yard...

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