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Alexander McCall Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the Government Man related to?
(a) A chief.
(b) Mma Makutsi.
(c) The King of Lesotho.
(d) Mma Ramotswe.

2. How does Mma Ramotswe like to approach a new client's problem?
(a) Write a letter to the client after the first meeting.
(b) Let Mma Makutsi deal with the client.
(c) Ask what the problem is straight away.
(d) Let the client bring it up indirectly.

3. What does Obed know from working in the mines?
(a) The foibles of youth.
(b) The foibles of men.
(c) The foibles of the elderly.
(d) The foibles of women.

4. What does Mma Makutsi suggest JLB Matekoni might have?
(a) Madness.
(b) A lack of iron.
(c) Depression.
(d) A headache.

5. What is the best time of day to do work in the agency?
(a) Late morning.
(b) Early afternoon.
(c) Late afternoon.
(d) Early morning.

6. Where was the embarrassing article written?
(a) The local paper.
(b) Political flyer.
(c) The national newspaper.
(d) Community newsletter.

7. What would JLB Matekoni normally wait for before calling Mma?
(a) Daily business results from the stock market.
(b) For her to finish her tea.
(c) The day's weather forecast.
(d) For her to leave a message on his phone.

8. When do men never seem happier?
(a) When eating lots of expensive meat.
(b) When eating lots of fresh porridge.
(c) When eating lots of ripe pumpkin.
(d) When they have a business to run.

9. What might embarrass the younger apprentice?
(a) The flour outline around his mouth.
(b) His lack of charm.
(c) His bad pick-up lines.
(d) His fake teeth.

10. What is a wrong that cannot be put right?
(a) Pouring treacle on a person's dress.
(b) Lying about your age.
(c) Pouring engine oil on someone.
(d) Murder.

11. What is the animal in JLB Matekoni's room apparently responsible for?
(a) Soiling the bed sheets.
(b) Keeping him awake.
(c) Scratching the antique bed.
(d) Eating the pet parakeet.

12. What evidence does Mma give JLB Matekoni that his garage is good?
(a) The pope takes his car there.
(b) Bishop Makhulu says it is good.
(c) The British High Commissioner takes his car there.
(d) The orphan farm owes him money.

13. How do women and men compare in business?
(a) Men perform worse.
(b) Men perform better.
(c) Women suit it better.
(d) Both are equally as good.

14. What does the Government Man know about women?
(a) They like to shop.
(b) They are good at taking care of kids.
(c) They like to talk.
(d) They are good in business.

15. Which type of man should a woman with a successful business be wary of?
(a) The comfort loving type.
(b) The wealthy type.
(c) The hard working type.
(d) The sporty type.

Short Answer Questions

1. What about Mma is Mr. Matetetse proud of?

2. Why has Botswana never been in debt?

3. Who ignores Botswana?

4. Who does Rra refuse to see?

5. Who is ordinary tea good for?

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