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Alexander McCall Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are there two teapots at the agency?
(a) The ladies hate sharing tea.
(b) Mma Makutsi does not like bush tea.
(c) The ladies drink a lot of tea.
(d) Mma Ramotswe does not like ordinary tea.

2. How did JLB Matekoni build his reputation?
(a) Good repairs at low prices.
(b) Slow and good repairs.
(c) Great repairs at high prices.
(d) Fast and good repairs.

3. What is good for a marriage?
(a) Independent interests.
(b) A priest's blessing.
(c) Commitment and loyalty.
(d) Love and devotion.

4. What does JLB Matekoni do when a person is dissatisfied by his work?
(a) He redoes the job free of charge.
(b) He redoes the job at half the price.
(c) He tells them to get lost.
(d) He arranges for the person's car to be stolen.

5. Who are the most cruel in Africa?
(a) The eccentric musicians.
(b) The foreign hunters.
(c) The corrupt politicians.
(d) Small boys with guns.

6. What do wives and girlfriends of murderers do?
(a) Refuse to cooperate with police.
(b) Turn their murderous partners in.
(c) Never accept that their man is a murderer.
(d) Help with the murder.

7. What does Mma Makutsi suggest JLB Matekoni might have?
(a) A lack of iron.
(b) Depression.
(c) Madness.
(d) A headache.

8. Who can see what is happening inside a family home?
(a) The government.
(b) The police.
(c) A detective.
(d) The servants.

9. What effect does cool, crisp air have?
(a) It makes you forget about personal problems.
(b) It makes the mind sluggish.
(c) It cures all diseases.
(d) It makes anything seem possible.

10. What has Mma heard about everybody?
(a) That they do not approve of the marriage.
(b) That they are trying to ruin her business.
(c) That they have done at least one thing to be ashamed of.
(d) They think she is marrying Rra for the money.

11. What is new about the white van?
(a) The brakes.
(b) The tires.
(c) The camshafts.
(d) The pistons.

12. What is unusual about Mma Ramotse's arrival at the agency?
(a) Mma Makutsi is not yet there.
(b) She did not tell anyone she was coming.
(c) There is no work to be done.
(d) She is unusually late.

13. Why does a mother insist her sons can't be murderers?
(a) Mothers will protect them from even the law.
(b) Mothers believe what their sons tell them.
(c) A mother cannot deal with the shame.
(d) The man remains a small boy to her.

14. What does the Governmant Man's mentally handicapped brother like to do?
(a) Play computer games.
(b) Count cattle.
(c) Fix cars.
(d) Speak to anyone who will listen.

15. What are the apprentices up to?
(a) Filling up an oil drum.
(b) Repairing an exhaust pipe.
(c) Playing a stone game.
(d) Cleaning the garage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it hard to persuade young people about?

2. What rude gesture does the older apprentice make?

3. Who ignores Botswana?

4. What is the one positive Mma Ramotswe takes from her relationship with Note?

5. What is the best test of a prospective husband?

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