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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What angers Aires by their disappearance?
(a) his beloved ivories and Ganesha statues
(b) his latest two lovers
(c) his little black address and telephone book
(d) his transvestite clothes

2. What do Aurora's pranks make Camoens believe?
(a) that Aires is trying to kill him
(b) the house is haunted by his recently-deceased wife
(c) that Epifania is trying to drive him away
(d) that Epifania has lost her mind

3. What foils the plan to take over the family business?
(a) the brothers file a lawsuit
(b) the only grandchild is a girl, Aurora
(c) the British take over the spice business
(d) Canoens gives the business to Leninists

4. What is a likely reason Flory had made her money?
(a) she had embezzled from the synagogue
(b) she had been a prostitute
(c) she had been a fence for jewel thieves
(d) she had smuggled hasheesh

5. Who is Flory Zogoiby's husband and father of her child?
(a) Joshua Castile
(b) Eli Castile
(c) Benjamin Castile
(d) Soloman Castile

Short Answer Questions

1. What followed Aurora's snubbing of Prime Minister Nehru at the presentation ceremony of the Esteemed Lotus Award for Excellence in the Arts?

2. Where does Aurora achieve fame for her artwork and her political activities?

3. How does Moraes classify Epifania's life?

4. What happens at the Mahalaxmi Weekend Constitutional, an annual opportunity for Bombay's cultural elite to gather at the racecourse to see and to be seen.?

5. What is the Reverend Oliver D'Aeth's emotional problem?

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