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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bond tell M he will do to let M know that he will do all the bidding in the card game with Drax?

2. What is Drax's part in building Moonraker?

3. How does M know Hugo Drax?

4. Where do Bond and Drax go when Drax walks back to Bond after introducing him to the engineers?

5. How does the second man working at Moonraker die?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the presence of Gala Brand.

2. Why does M want Bond to beat Drax at cards, even if Bond has to cheat?

3. What do we learn about M, Bond's boss, when they meet to discuss Hugo Drax?

4. What does Bond's response to reading reports indicate about his lifestyle preference?

5. When Bond meets Gala Brand at the Moonraker facility, what is her reaction to him?

6. What are the consequences if Drax is caught cheating at cards?

7. What type of atmosphere seems to pervade the Moonraker facility as Bond watches the men change shifts?

8. What is Bond's opinion of Gala Brand when he meets her at the Moonraker facility?

9. Why does Drax's identity and life arouse suspicion?

10. What does Bond learn from the bartender about the murder at the bar involving the two men who worked at Drax's Moonraker facility?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explore the nature of good and evil in Moonraker. Could good vs. evil be considered a main theme in the story? Why or why not? Were there "good" characters that could be considered all good? If so, who were the "good" characters? What makes you think this? Were there "evil" characters who could be considered all evil? If so, who were the "evil" characters? What makes you think this?

Essay Topic 2

Identify the mood or feeling created by the story as a whole. How is this mood or feeling created? Be sure to consider setting as part of your answer.

Essay Topic 3

James Bond needs to use quite a bit of reasoning to solve the mystery of Major Tallon's death, and also to deal with Drax. Explain the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning. Which did James Bond use more frequently, inductive or deductive reasoning? In which situations did he use this form of reasoning? As you formulate your answer, think of these terms: clues, inference, logic, evidence.

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