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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the function of the machines in the room where Gala Brand is tied to a chair?
(a) Computers that control the communications to the world's most powerful heads of state.
(b) Computers that control the world's largest banks.
(c) A radar homing device.
(d) A radar jamming device.

2. After M and Vallance tell Bond they can't stop the Moonraker launch, who do they say needs to take care of the situation?
(a) The military.
(b) Bond.
(c) The Prime Minister.
(d) Gala Brand.

3. Who does Bond think may have heard Tallon when Tallon opened the window in his bedroom?
(a) Dr. Walter.
(b) Egon Bartsh.
(c) Krebs.
(d) Drax.

4. What do Bond and Gala Brand plan to do together the day she travels to London with Drax?
(a) Sabotage Moonraker.
(b) Walk on the beach.
(c) Have dinner.
(d) Search Drax's house.

5. What is Gala Brand doing when Krebs accuses her of being a spy?
(a) Calling London.
(b) Trying to kill Drax.
(c) Trying to escape from Drax.
(d) Returning the notebook to Drax's coat pocket.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why will the Moonraker site be closed the day Bond makes his recommendation to Drax about Krebs and Moonraker?

2. What does Gala Brand realize she needs to do when she discovers Moonraker's target is the center of London?

3. What gift does Bond find on his desk from M?

4. Why does Drax want to retrieve Bond after his car accident?

5. To whom does the person searching Bond's room say he or she will answer?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Drax's company sells the British pound short?

2. What does Bond tell Drax his true motivation is for wanting to destroy London?

3. What do Bond and Drax plan to do about Krebs' access to Moonraker?

4. What does the map Bond finds in his bedroom in Drax's house and Tallon's observation made prior to his murder have in common?

5. When Drax questions Bond and Brand as Krebs threatens them with a blowtorch, why does Bond decide to tell Drax the truth?

6. How are the people of England misled by Drax's speech on the radio, just before the launch of Moonraker?

7. How does Drax manage to lose Bond on the way to the Moonraker facility?

8. How has Krebs, Drax's assistant, become a suspicious character in the story?

9. After Bond and Brand clear themselves from the rocks that fell on them while they were walking on the beach, what conclusions do they come to about the purpose of the rockslide?

10. How does the government plan to handle the incident involving Drax and Moonraker?

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