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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Drax tease Dr. Walter about?
(a) His constant worrying.
(b) His photographic memory.
(c) His relaxed attitude.
(d) His ability to calculate complex mathematical equations quickly.

2. What does Drax tell James Bond when Bond and M sit down to play cards with Drax?
(a) Drax jokes that he has four aces up his sleeve.
(b) Drax wants to take all of Bond's money.
(c) Drax warns Bond that there is no room at the table for cheaters.
(d) Drax says Bond should be careful.

3. What is the profession of the person with whom Drax regularly plays cards?
(a) A banker.
(b) A plastic surgeon.
(c) A metal broker.
(d) The chairman of the gambling club.

4. What is Bond doing at his desk before he starts thinking about Drax the morning after his card game with Drax?
(a) Talking to his secretary.
(b) Returning phone calls.
(c) Cleaning his revolver.
(d) Reading files.

5. How does James Bond plan to figure out Drax's method of cheating before he actually plays cards with Drax?
(a) Bond plans to hire someone to report on Drax's activities.
(b) Bond plans to watch Drax as Drax plays cards.
(c) Bond plans to place a deck of marked cards at Drax's table.
(d) Bond plans to install an electronic listening device at Drax's table.

6. Where do Bond and Drax go when Drax walks back to Bond after introducing him to the engineers?
(a) Blades.
(b) The mess hall.
(c) Bond's quarters.
(d) Drax's office.

7. Why is columbite so valuable?
(a) It is rare.
(b) It is created with a secret revolutionary technology.
(c) It is man-made.
(d) It cannot be detected in the bloodstream.

8. What is Drax's part in building Moonraker?
(a) He is the sole possessor of a mechanism which guides Moonraker to its destination.
(b) He is the head scientist on the project.
(c) He is funding the rocket.
(d) He owns the company which transports the parts.

9. What word would Bond use to describe reading reports?
(a) Dull.
(b) Educational.
(c) Insulting.
(d) Exciting.

10. What other activity does Bond spend his money on besides playing golf and driving his Bentley?
(a) Horseback riding.
(b) Gambling.
(c) Skiing.
(d) Wine collecting.

11. Where does Bond first go once inside the Moonraker compound?
(a) The security office.
(b) Drax's house.
(c) His quarters.
(d) The facility housing the rocket.

12. How does Bond respond when Drax convinces him to continue the card game?
(a) Bond asks the club chairman for an advance.
(b) Bond looks Drax directly in the eye.
(c) Bond signals to M.
(d) Bond disagrees with the terms set by Drax for the game.

13. What is columbite?
(a) A type of poisonous flower.
(b) A type of ore.
(c) A type of gem.
(d) The name of the rocket Drax is building.

14. What does the man who killed Tallon shout before killing himself?
(a) "Sturm und Drang!"
(b) "Sig Heil!"
(c) "Auf Wiedersehen!"
(d) "Heil Hitler!"

15. What does Drax do with his money in London?
(a) Invests it in securities.
(b) Lives extravagantly.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Donates it.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many assignments does Bond get in a year?

2. Where are M and Bond when M tells Bond that two men working at Drax's Moonraker facility are killed?

3. What honor does Hugo Drax receive in London?

4. What conclusion about Drax does James Bond come to as he thinks about him after stopping the activity at his desk?

5. Who is Bond's first contact before he goes to the Moonraker facility?

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