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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three - Thursday, Friday, Chapter 21 - 'The Persuader'; Chapter 22 - Pandora's Box.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is columbite?
(a) A type of gem.
(b) A type of poisonous flower.
(c) The name of the rocket Drax is building.
(d) A type of ore.

2. Where do Bond and Drax go after they discuss clearing the launch site when the rocket is launched?
(a) To Drax's office.
(b) To the security headquarters.
(c) To see Moonraker.
(d) To dinner.

3. What do the engineers introduced to Bond do when Drax walks away?
(a) They walk away from Drax and Bond.
(b) They follow Drax.
(c) They stand awkwardly in silence next to Bond.
(d) They chat with Bond.

4. What will the military be doing when Moonraker is launched?
(a) Patrolling the boundaries of the Moonraker facility.
(b) Confined to underground barracks on the compound.
(c) They will be out of the Moonraker facility.
(d) Watching the launch from a safe distance.

5. What does Drax do when he convinces Bond to continue the card game?
(a) Drax raises the stakes.
(b) Drax threatens Bond's life.
(c) Drax threatens M's life.
(d) Drax announces that Bond cheated.

Short Answer Questions

1. What honor does Hugo Drax receive in London?

2. How do the engineers who Drax introduces Bond to react to him?

3. What happens to one of the men from Bond's office who is on assignment?

4. Where do Drax and Krebs put Bond after his car accident?

5. How did Hugo Drax become a multimillionaire?

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