Moonraker Character Descriptions

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James Bond

This character is a British secret agent whose code name is 007.

Sir Hugo Drax

This character is a German agent posing as a British multimillionaire war hero.

Gala Brand

This character is a police officer working for the special branch of Scotland Yard.


This character is a secretive and serious executive in the Secret Service.

Dr. Walter

This character is a physicist who helps build the object that is to blow up London.

Willy Krebs

This character is one of the conspirators attempting to destroy London.


This character is a metal broker and plays bridge.


This character is the long-time porter of a club.


This character is the chairman of a club.

Loelia Ponsonby

This character is a secretary.


This character is the head of the special branch of Scotland Yard.

Egon Bartsh

This character is the German electronics expert who...

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