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Short Answer Questions

1. In Claudia's mind, what is Jasper's greatest sin?

2. Which photograph does Claudia include in the book?

3. What one aspect of Tom's postwar plans makes Claudia hesitate?

4. What won't the nurse tell Claudia as she suffers her miscarriage?

5. What were Tom and Claudia exploring as he stole kisses in dark corners?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Claudia, what does the destruction of Memphis reveal about history?

2. What fascinates Claudia about Memphis?

3. How does Claudia learn of the cause of Tom's death?

4. Whom does Claudia use for her standard of measurement when judging men and why?

5. For what two reasons is Camilla amazed by Claudia's pregnancy?

6. Why doesn't the nurse try to stop Claudia's miscarriage?

7. What uncharacteristic way does Claudia attempt to ensure Tom's safety when she learns he is missing in action?

8. How does Claudia's apology in Chapter 15 make Lisa feel?

9. Discuss the accident that severely injures Claudia.

10. How does Mr. Hamilton's job offer to Claudia advance her writing career?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss war as a motif in Moon Tiger.

Essay Topic 2

What is a primary theme of Moon Tiger? How does the author present this theme? How does the theme develop throughout the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Claudia with Sylvia. How are they alike? How are they different? What role does each play in Gordon's life?

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