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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the historical figure that Claudia recalls writing about out of sheer disbelief at the man's bravery, charisma, stubbornness and indestructibility?
(a) DeSoto.
(b) Cortez.
(c) DeLeon.
(d) Columbus.

2. Whom is Camilla dating when she and Claudia live in Cairo?
(a) Jasper.
(b) An Australian war officer.
(c) Tom.
(d) A tour guide.

3. In Claudia's mind, what is Jasper's greatest sin?
(a) Not being able to commit.
(b) Not making more money than she does.
(c) Not being Tom Southern.
(d) Not asking her to marry him.

4. What ceases the physical relationship between Claudia and Gordon?
(a) They get caught.
(b) Claudia gets pregnant.
(c) They lose interest in each other.
(d) Gordon dumps her for Sylvia.

5. What does Claudia tell Mr. Hamilton about history as they initially speak?
(a) That history is an illusion.
(b) That she was part of history herself.
(c) That she is sick of history.
(d) That history is dead.

6. Who is Mr. Hamilton that Claudia met in Rocqueville?
(a) A powerful newspaper owner.
(b) Alexander Hamilton.
(c) Her uncle.
(d) A foreign president.

7. What does Jasper want Claudia to pretend to be while they are in Rocqueville?
(a) An American.
(b) His secretary.
(c) A Russian spy.
(d) A blind woman.

8. As Claudia recollects, why does Jasper decide to leave his job at the Foreign Office?
(a) He's not advancing as quickly as he'd like.
(b) He found a better job in Russia.
(c) He went to work for his family's business.
(d) He wants to marry her and move to the countryside.

9. Why does Jasper get angry with Claudia during their trip to Rocqueville?
(a) He thinks she's flirting with someone.
(b) He does not want to spend time with her old uncle.
(c) He thinks she took the column writing job away from him.
(d) She spends all their money.

10. How does Claudia benefit from the trip to Rocqueville?
(a) She gets to spend time with Jasper.
(b) She finds her long lost uncle.
(c) She meets people who loan her money to start her own business.
(d) She becomes a newspaper columnist.

11. What jobs does Tom tell Claudia he had originally planned to have after the war?
(a) A broadcaster and magazine writer.
(b) To become a student, and then a teacher.
(c) A TV personality and actor.
(d) A journalist and member of Parliament.

12. How does the opportunity given to Claudia by Mr. Hamilton help her career?
(a) It introduces her to important publishers.
(b) Her picture is in the paper.
(c) Tom's sister finds her because of her connection with the paper.
(d) The publicity boosts her book sales.

13. Who in Claudia's current life knows about her miscarriage?
(a) Lisa only.
(b) Jasper only.
(c) Gordon only.
(d) No one.

14. Why is Claudia eager to see Lisa after her limo accident?
(a) To make up for being an indifferent mother.
(b) To see how well she's doing in school.
(c) She is not eager to see her.
(d) To show her how famous she'd become.

15. Having changed his mind from his original postwar plans, what does Tom now say he wants?
(a) To retire and learn to paint.
(b) To marry Claudia, have a child and live on the family farm.
(c) To grow poinsettias on his family farm.
(d) To become a book writer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Claudia to burst into tears on the fifth day of her hospital stay?

2. Which Egyptian city was a major hub even when Europeans were still living in caves?

3. What does Lisa find in her mother's secret-compartment ring as a child?

4. How long is Claudia in the hospital after her limo accident?

5. What injuries does Claudia suffer from her limo accident?

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