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1. Discuss Claudia's popularity as a historical author. What makes her writing accounts different from all the others?

A controversial historian, Claudia's popular works on Tito, Cortez and Napoleon have shocked and thrilled millions. Historical events are interwoven with the saga of an unconventional life.

2. How competitive is Claudia against her brother, and what memory first shows this competitiveness to the reader?

Claudia is very competitive with her brother. The reader first sees the extent of her competitiveness as they collect fossils on a beach cliff. Claudia is perfectly willing to risk a broken arm or leg to best her brother.

3. Describe the beginning of Claudia's relationship with Jasper.

Claudia interviewed Jasper for a book she was writing on a Tuesday. By Saturday evening, they were lovers. They lived together sporadically over the next ten years.

4. Describe Lisa. How is she like her mother?

Lisa is a silent, pasty woman. She is nothing like Claudia, her mother.

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