Objects & Places from Moon Tiger

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Moon Tiger

This is a brand of flammable insect repellent.


The main character was stationed here as a war correspondent.


This is where the main character visits a mosque, nightclubs, restaurants and a zoo.

The Desert

This is where the captain dies.

The Diary

This becomes the main character's most treasured gift.

The Starfish

This gift is inadvertently left behind by the main character.

Evening in Paris Perfume

This is what the main character uses to bribe a roommate to run an errand.

The Cairo Zoo

Polar bears seen here remind the main character of time spent with a soul mate.

The Poinsettia

This symbolizes the main character's lost love because it was growing on a wall they sat upon when they first met.

The Winter Palace in Luxor

This is the only hotel in Luxor operating during the war.

Thornless Roses

The main character receives...

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