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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Moon Tiger is the kaleidoscopic, award-winning story of the life of Claudia Hampton, an intelligent, disagreeable and cantankerous woman. As she lies dying in a hospital bed, Claudia reviews the essential events and people of her adventurous and remarkable life. Today's lesson will focus on the term "main character." Students will define main character, and apply Claudia to the definition to indeed identify her as the main character even though she is bed ridden.


1) Class discussion: As a class, develop a working definition of "main character." Write the definition on the board and have students record it in their notebooks. Explain that a main character usually has both good and bad qualities. Does Claudia seem to have good and bad qualities? Ask students to point them out. The main character also experiences a change during the story. Have we already seen changes in Claudia? Ask...

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