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50 Things

Have you ever received a questionnaire email asking you to answer questions about yourself? Develop a "50 Things about Me" questionnaire and complete it as though you were one of the characters from Moon Tiger.

Online book review

Give your opinion about the book in an online book review. Bring a copy of the link to your teacher for credit.


Develop a monologue for one of the characters. Present your three to five minute monologue to the class.

Ode to Claudia

Write a poem about Claudia's conflict.

Egyptian tour

Develop a tour itinerary for a trip to Egypt. Be sure to include all the places you would want to stop.

Cast the movie

Pretend you are the casting agent filling roles for the characters in this movie. List who you would choose to play roles in this movie.

War correspondents

Research to see how many war correspondents...

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