Moon Tiger Character Descriptions

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Claudia Hampton

This character is more intelligent, more adventurous and more interesting than anyone else, and served as a war correspondent in Cairo during the war.

Captain Tom Southern

This character was a journalist and a socialist who was determined to make the world a better place.


This character is an eighteen-year-old art student in London when Budapest is overrun by the Soviet Union in 1956.


This charming character is a mixture of Russian aristocracy and English gentry.

Gordon Hampton

This character is intelligent and funny, and has had an incestuous relationship with a younger sibling.

Mrs. Hampton

This character lives in a world that contains only floribunda roses, religious tapestry and changeable weather.

Lisa Hampton Jamieson

This character is marvelous at organization, resulting in a job managing the practice of four busy physicians.

Harry Jamieson

This character is a prominent estate agent with a damp handshake...

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