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Chapter 1

• As she lies dying in a hospital bed, Claudia reviews the essential events and people of her adventurous and remarkable life.

• In the hospital, Claudia is visited by family and friends -- but none really have any fond memories of her.

• A controversial historian, Claudia's popular works on Tito, Cortez and Napoleon have shocked and thrilled millions.

• Many of Claudia's memories focus on her exploits as a newspaper correspondent based in Cairo during World War II and the death of Tom Southern, a young tank commander, with whom she falls in love.

• Claudia informs her nurse that she is writing a history of the world while in the hospital.
• Claudia's mother and her nurse did not allow the young Claudia to climb trees, and swim in deep water, or play in snow and mud and fire.

• Claudia is very competitive with her brother Gordon who is only...

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