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Clare Vanderpool
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What locations are popular with the rich because of the disease epidemic?
(a) Natural springs.
(b) Snow resorts.
(c) Expensive sanatoriums.
(d) Desert camps.

2. Where is the land auction held?
(a) The town square.
(b) The post office.
(c) The sheiff's office.
(d) The courthouse.

3. Who bids against Burton in the auction?
(a) Devlin.
(b) Mrs. Larkin.
(c) Shady.
(d) Jinx.

4. How does Miss Sadie react, when Abilene tries to find a pot in a locked area?
(a) Angrily.
(b) Mockingly.
(c) Sadly.
(d) Helpfully.

5. Who are the townspeople trying to get out of town?
(a) Mr. Cooper, Mr. Burton, and Mr. Underhill.
(b) Mr. Devlin, Mr. Cooper, and Velma T.
(c) Mr. Devlin, Mr. Burton, and Sheriff Dean.
(d) Sheriff Dean, Miss Sadie, and Mr. Underhill.

6. What does the janitor accidentally drop when he hears a noise?
(a) His cigar.
(b) His hat.
(c) His broom.
(d) His knife.

7. Who brings the news that Ned has died?
(a) The sheriff.
(b) Ned's mother.
(c) A telegraph operator.
(d) A soldier.

8. What does Gideon say about the letters Abilene gives him?
(a) He wants to read them and keep them.
(b) He doesn't want to read them or see them.
(c) He wants to destroy them so no one can read them.
(d) He wants to read through them once before returning them.

9. What sound startles Uncle Finn, causing him to stumble?
(a) A rattle.
(b) A howling.
(c) A bell.
(d) Thunder.

10. Who brings cake to Shady's Sunday service?
(a) Miss Sadie.
(b) Mrs. Evans.
(c) Abilene.
(d) Hatie Mae.

11. What do Abilene, Lettie, and Ruthanne plan to use to identify the person who wrote the note they believe is from the Rattler?
(a) The paper.
(b) Fingerprints.
(c) The handwriting.
(d) The ink.

12. What does everyone in Manifest pretend?
(a) They pretend to be sick.
(b) They pretend an important person is coming to the nearby city.
(c) They pretend there is a fire.
(d) They pretend there is an accident out of town.

13. Who killed Junior?
(a) No one.
(b) Jinx.
(c) Uncle Finn.
(d) Junior.

14. What does Abilene discover Shady doing at night in the woods?
(a) Talking to a shadowy figure.
(b) Giving supplies to travelers.
(c) Burying his valuables.
(d) Searching for a burial mound.

15. Who organized the secret meeting to talk about the land Mr. Devlin wants to buy?
(a) Hadley.
(b) Mr. Underhill.
(c) Miss Sadie.
(d) Jinx.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Abilene realize is actually the Rattler?

2. How do people respond to the newspaper contest?

3. Where does the sheriff say the murderer his brother-in-law is looking for might be?

4. What is the main message of the telegram Mr. DeVore writes out?

5. What is the prize for the newspaper contest?

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