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Clare Vanderpool
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Miss Sadie's Divining Parlor, The Art of Distraction, and Frog Hunting.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Does Abilene recover her lost item?
(a) Yes, but someone sees her retrieving it.
(b) Yes, she gets it and leaves without being seen.
(c) No, she runs away without recovering it.
(d) No, she keeps trying but can't retrieve it.

2. How does Abilene hope to avoid going to Miss Sadie's again?
(a) By pretending to be sick.
(b) By getting in so much trouble with Shady that he won't let her go.
(c) By making herself so valuable to Shady that he won't let her go.
(d) By pretending to have too much homework to do.

3. Where do the girls go to hunt?
(a) The park.
(b) The schoolyard.
(c) Miss Sadie's yard.
(d) The woods.

4. Where is Miss Sadie injured?
(a) Her back.
(b) Her neck.
(c) Her arm.
(d) Her leg.

5. What is Billy Clayton doing, when Abilene runs across him?
(a) Picking flowers.
(b) Cutting wood.
(c) Throwing rocks.
(d) Drawing a picture.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Shady pick up?

2. What do the interrupters want?

3. Who do Abilene and her friends think left the note they find?

4. What has happened to Billy Claton's mother?

5. How much money does Abilene have when she travels to Manifest?

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