Objects & Places from Moon Over Manifest

Clare Vanderpool
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Abilene finds these, which tell her about the relationship between Jinx and Ned Gillen during Ned's time in the military during World War I.

Hattie Mae's Column

This tells all the gossip around town, and gives Abilene information from the time in which her father lived in Manifest.


Abilene has this item, which belongs to her father and has the inscription, St. Dizier. October 8, 1918.

Fishing Lure

Abilene finds this item, which is mentioned both in the letters and Miss Sadie's stories, with Ned's letters.


Among Jinx's keepsakes, Abilene finds this item, which once sat on a bottle of Shady's hooch.

Nesting Doll

Abilene finds this item among Jinx's things and learns it was given to him by a small child during the ground breaking meeting that brings the town together in a united effort to scam Mr. Devlin.

Skeleton Key

Abilene finds this item with...

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