Daily Lessons for Teaching Moon Over Manifest

Clare Vanderpool
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Lesson 1 (from Santa Fe Railway, Path to Perdition, and Shady's Place)


At the start of the novel, "Moon Over Manifest", Abilene arrives at Manifest, Kansas carrying only a few possessions, mementos from her father, which will become important in the novel. The objective of this lesson is to examine mementos as a link to the past.


1) Have each student find a passage in the first few chapters that shows the importance of a memento or object. Have each student read his or her passage and discuss its meaning, and what it says about the importance and significance of objects.

2) Break the students up into pairs. Have each student give an example to their partner of an object that has significance to them. Have each pair compare their significant objects to an object in the novel and its importance. Have the pairs share their comparisons with the class for discussion.

3) Break students up into groups. Have each...

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