Moon Over Manifest Fun Activities

Clare Vanderpool
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Train to Manifest

Write a descriptive word-picture of what it's like to ride the train toward Manifest, including the sights, sounds, and smells of the journey.

A Memento for Abilene

After the end of the story, Abilene's father gives her one more memento to add to her collection. Describe in detail the new memento and its significance.

Shady's Place

Draw a diagram of Shady's Place, and label important areas and things that have changed there throughout the years.

Abilene's Assignment

Write a story for Abilene to turn in to her teacher the first day of school the next year.

Miss Sadie's Gate

Draw a picture or make a collage of Miss Sadie's gate. Label all of the pieces that make up the gate with stories of where they came from.

Poem about the Rattler

Write your own poem about the Rattler in the woods at night.

Inscription for Abilene's Compass

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