Moon Over Manifest Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Clare Vanderpool
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Essay Topic 1

The novel uses several points of view to tell the story. Discuss the following:

1) Why is the main part of the narrative told in first person from Abilene's point of view?

2) What point of view do the letters and news clippings add to the novel? Why does the author use these?

3) What is the point of view of the stories that Miss Sadie tells? Why does the author use this point of view?

4) How do the different points of view in "Moon Over Manifest" work together?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the structure of the novel, which is non-linear, divided between two timelines.

1) How does the writer use letters and articles as part of the structure of the novel? How does the author use Miss Sadie's stories?

2) Why is the story told non-linearly, moving between a past and present timeline? How does this affect the story?

3) What other...

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