Moon Over Manifest Character Descriptions

Clare Vanderpool
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Abilene Tucker

This child grows up on the rails during the Depression, but is sent to Manifest, Kansas to stay with an old family friend after nearly dying.

Gideon Tucker

This character has always lived on the rails and continues to do so as the Depression takes a strangle hold of the country, moving from town to town in search of work and food, always on the move and always with this character's child, until the child nearly dies after an accident.


This young person travels the rails with an uncle after being orphaned, selling a fake magic elixir that is said to cure almost anything, but runs off to Manifest after the uncle murders someone.

Ned Gillen

This orphan who came to Manifest on the orphan train decides to join the military, but is soon killed in the war.

Shady Howard

This preacher, bartender, and all...

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