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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Tess, Lily and Adam ride out into the snow?
(a) To look for one of the ranch hands who is missing.
(b) To check on the younger cattle.
(c) To clear a path.
(d) To take pictures.

2. Who does Ben want to have the ranch?
(a) Himself.
(b) Willa.
(c) Lily.
(d) Tess.

3. What does Pickles realize as he sees a man with a bloody knife?
(a) That his wife never loved him.
(b) That Pickles knows the man.
(c) That he has never seen the man before.
(d) That he should take a vacation right away.

4. What does Jesse do whenever Lily left him?
(a) Calls the police.
(b) Threatens her mother.
(c) Finds her and beats her.
(d) Threatens their child.

5. How does Willa shock Tess?
(a) By agreeing to let Tess leave secretly for a week.
(b) By agreeing the three women need to work together.
(c) By saying Willa is marrying Nathan.
(d) By saying Adam must leave the ranch.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one reason Jesse Cooke does not want to let Lily go?

2. What interrupts Tess and Lily arguing about returning to the ranch?

3. Who is Lily Mercy trying to avoid encountering?

4. What do Tess and Lily decide to do?

5. About what does Lily worry?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Ben, Tess and Lily discuss over soup, and what does Ben point out in their discussion?

2. What does Willa teach her sisters in Chapter 15 and what does Tess do after that?

3. What does Adam tell Willa about a deer in the woods and what does Willa do about it?

4. With whom does Willa meet to make sure she is adhering to the rules of the will, what does Willa tell them, and what do they think about her ideas?

5. What does Ham say to Willa about the ranch and her in Chapter 16?

6. With what is Willa have trouble with the ranch hands, who takes offense at her, and what does he do about it?

7. How does Jesse Cooke feel about what is happening at the Mercy ranch and what does he plan to do?

8. With whom is Tess speaking on the phone at the wake, what does she tell the person, and what is Tess's intent concerning after the funeral?

9. Why do Tess, Lily and Adam ride out in the snow, what do they see, why do they argue, and what interrupts their argument?

10. What does Tess see at the corral that bothers her, what does she do, who takes her in the house, and what does he say to her?

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