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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Nate and Tess make love?
(a) In Nate's bed.
(b) On the kitchen table.
(c) On Nate's desk.
(d) On the floor in front of the fireplace.

2. What is happening to Willa despite her not wanting it?
(a) She is growing closer to her sisters.
(b) She is relying too much on the men around her.
(c) She is accepting the idea of not having Mercy ranch.
(d) She is falling for Ben.

3. How does Willa feel as she drives around the ranch?
(a) Angry at her father.
(b) Despondent.
(c) Alone.
(d) Optimistic.

4. About what does Sarah worry?
(a) That Ben will marry one of the Mercy women.
(b) That Ben will tire of ranching.
(c) That she will die before Ben marries.
(d) That Ben will not find the right woman to marry.

5. For what is Lily grateful?
(a) That she is finally getting to know her sisters.
(b) That her husband will be joining her shortly.
(c) That her daughter is coming out soon.
(d) That she has slept well for the first time in months.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ben wanting of Willa?

2. Who is Traci?

3. About what does Ben tease Willa concerning Tess?

4. What do Adam and Lily find in the barn?

5. How does Tess respond to seeing a calf castrated?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Willa realize when her sisters tell her they are staying after Pickles was murdered?

2. Who is the ranch foreman, of what does he assure Willa, and what is his and Willa's relationship?

3. With what is Willa have trouble with the ranch hands, who takes offense at her, and what does he do about it?

4. What does Willa see while birthing calves and what does she find?

5. Who is the second oldest daughter of the person in question #1, where did she come from and for what does she hope?

6. What did Lily consider the trip to Mercy Ranch to be and how do her and Adam handle her revelations?

7. What does Willa think is the reason her father set the will up as he did?

8. Whose funeral is happening in the beginning of the book, what kind of a person was he and how does his daughter feel about the people at the wake?

9. What is the killer feeling after he kills Pickles and what does he decide at that point?

10. What does the killer do after the New Year's Eve party?

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