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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ham finally collapse when he goes for help?
(a) In the barn.
(b) At Tess and Bess's fet.
(c) Halfway to the main ranch house.
(d) By the south gate.

2. How do they deduce who has Willa?
(a) They do not know.
(b) Because they know Jim has been gone everytime there has been a death.
(c) Ham tells them.
(d) Because there is only one ranch hand missing.

3. Who is Adele?
(a) Nate's sister.
(b) Lily's mother.
(c) Willa's mother.
(d) Tess' mother.

4. Where do the three sisters end up going over the weekend?
(a) The Ski Lodge.
(b) A fitness resort.
(c) No where.
(d) The Mountain King Spa.

5. What does Ben say about Tess after Nate talks to him?
(a) He wishes him luck.
(b) He thinks Nate would be making a mistake to marry her.
(c) He thinks Nate should propose.
(d) He thinks Nate should talk to Lily.

6. Who did Lily think she saw in Bozeman?
(a) A friend from high school.
(b) Jesse.
(c) Jesse's best friend.
(d) Jesse's brother.

7. Why does Ham ask for his check so he can quit?
(a) Because his daughter needs an operation.
(b) Because his wife needs an operation.
(c) Because Willa embarrasses him.
(d) Because he is getting too old for cowboy work.

8. How does Willa tease Ben?
(a) She talks about the male masseuse.
(b) She talks about another spa visitor who was male.
(c) She meets with a former sweetheart in the city.
(d) She tells him that her sisters are not sure they approve of Ben.

9. What does Lily tell her sisters?
(a) About how much she loves Adam.
(b) About Jesse and her.
(c) About her child she gives up for adoption.
(d) About her mother and their father.

10. What does Jim say about Willa's father?
(a) That he had gotten Jim's mother pregnant on a one night stand.
(b) That he killed Jim's mother.
(c) That he was a coward.
(d) That he was a cheat.

11. Why do the three sisters go into the mountains?`
(a) To look for signs of another killer.
(b) To talk about the future.
(c) To herd the cattle there.
(d) To gather mushrooms.

12. What surprises Tess at Lily's bridal shower?
(a) That Willa and Louella hit it off so well.
(b) That Lily starts crying.
(c) That Willa and Lily's mother hit it off so well.
(d) That her mother arrives.

13. How does Tess offer a challenge to Willa indirectly?
(a) By saying that a woman would have to be strong and brave to mess with Jesse.
(b) By saying that a woman would have to be strong and brave to mess with Ben.
(c) By saying that a woman would have to be strong and brave to mess with Adam.
(d) By saying that a woman would have to be strong and brave to mess with Nate.

14. Upon what do Nate and Ben agree?
(a) They need to move the women to a safe house.
(b) They need to find out what Jesse looks like.
(c) They need to hire a couple bodyguards.
(d) They want to marry Tess and Willa.

15. About what is Ben angry?
(a) That the killer was not Jesse.
(b) That Jesse didn't have to stand trial.
(c) That Willa refuses to marry him.
(d) That Jesse had worked for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Willa liken the animal heads on the ranch walls to herself?

2. What does the man standing over Lily wish he could do?

3. What bothers Willa during the week after Adam is shot?

4. What does Tess suggest after Willa confides in her?

5. What does the killer tell Willa?

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