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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the sisters return to the ranch, where are Adam and Ben going?
(a) To go on a calf round-up for Ben's ranch.
(b) To meet with some cow breeders.
(c) To file papers in the city.
(d) To check on the cabin.

2. What had Jim promised his mother?
(a) He would leave the Mercy family alone.
(b) He would kill all of Jack's other children.
(c) He would kill Jack one day.
(d) He would claim the ranch one day.

3. What do the rescuers find in the cave?
(a) A few supplies and Lily.
(b) Nothing but Lily.
(c) Several scalps.
(d) Jesse's dead body.

4. When does Tess say she will return?
(a) When Lily's baby is born.
(b) When she and Nate get married.
(c) Never.
(d) When the papers are ready for Tess to sign.

5. Why does Tess book a male masseuse for Willa?
(a) Because she knows the guy.
(b) He is the only one available.
(c) To get her used to a man's hands on her.
(d) Because men usually give a better massage.

6. What shakes up Willa while talking with Ben?
(a) Ben announces that he plans to sell his ranch.
(b) She hears Tess screaming.
(c) The thought that the killer could be one of their hired hands.
(d) Ben announces that he is engaged.

7. Why is the killer sorry to hurt Ham?
(a) He likes Ham.
(b) Willa will be mad at him.
(c) Lily will be mad at him.
(d) He will get in trouble with the police.

8. Who does the killer murder next?
(a) No one; he has changed.
(b) A redheaded hooker.
(c) A dirty cop.
(d) A young runaway boy.

9. What does Willa do while in a rage?
(a) Tears down her father's mounted trophies.
(b) Slaps Tess for a well-intentioned comment about the ranch.
(c) Target practices with a human target.
(d) Slaps Lily for bringing danger to them.

10. What happened when Jim tells Jack who he is?
(a) Jack calls the police.
(b) Jack embraces Jim.
(c) Jack tells him to get off his ranch and never come back.
(d) Jack laughs.

11. What does Willa do to express her anger about the trophies?
(a) Hangs black clothe over them.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Hacks them up with an ax.
(d) Takes them all off the wall.

12. What does the killer tell Willa?
(a) He is Jack's youngest brother.
(b) He is Lily's brother.
(c) He is her brother.
(d) He is Ham's son.

13. Who does Jesse think he might hurt in order to get back at Lily?
(a) Willa.
(b) No one.
(c) Ben.
(d) Bess.

14. Why is the killer happy?
(a) That the women are having fun.
(b) That the women are all in one place so he can kill them all.
(c) He is not happy.
(d) That he is able to attend the shower in secret.

15. Why does Jesse go after Lily?
(a) He wants to get out of Montana.
(b) He is tired of waiting for a chance at Adam.
(c) She sees him and identifies him to the police.
(d) She is alone and vulnerable.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what is Ben angry?

2. How does Nate anger Tess?

3. What bothers Willa during the week after Adam is shot?

4. Over what did the sisters bond while at the spa?

5. What does Ben say about Tess after Nate talks to him?

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