Montana Sky Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Whose funeral is happening in the beginning of the book, what kind of a person was he and how does his daughter feel about the people at the wake?

The funeral of Jack Mercy, a solitary man who allowed no one close to him draws most of the people in the surrounding area. Willa Mercy, Jack's youngest daughter by his last wife, Mary Wolfchild Mercy, is uncomfortable with all of the people in the massive home she has grown up in.

2. Who is the second oldest daughter of the person in question #1, where did she come from and for what does she hope?

Lily Mercy, the second daughter of Jack Mercy, has arrived in Montana from her small Virginia home, and finds the scenery breathtaking. Lily hopes that her ex-husband, Jesse Cooke will be unable to find her at Mercy Ranch.

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