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Mercy Ranch

The ranch that has been in the Mercy family for over 100 years.

Bozeman, Montana

The closest big town to Mercy Ranch

Big Belt Mountains

The mountains that loom over the Mercy Ranch.

Three Rocks Ranch

The ranch owned by the McKinnon family.

Mountain King Spa and Resort

The spa where the three Mercy sisters spend a weekend.

The Cabin

The place in the mountains on Mercy land where Jim Brewster kills Traci, a young hitchhiker.

The Nature Conservancy

This will receive Mercy Ranch if Jack Mercy's three daughters do not live together on the ranch for one year.


The town where Jim Brewster lived with his mother until she died.


The state where Lily was raised by her mother after Jack Mercy cast them aside.


The state where Tess lives and works as a writer until she is forced to move to Montana...

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