Montana Sky Character Descriptions

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Willa Mercy

The youngest daughter of Jack Mercy, she is a twenty-four-year-old young woman, raised on Mercy Ranch.

Tess Mercy

The oldest of Jack Mercy's daughters, she is a beautiful woman who has thrived in California, working as a screenwriter and enjoying the importance of her career.

Lily Mercy

The middle of Jack Mercy's daughters, she is quiet and unassuming. Though she appears shy to an outsider, her shyness comes from her abusive relationship with her ex-husband.

Nathan Torrence

Jack Mercy's attorney and neighbor, he is a long time friend of the Mercy family.

Adam Wolfchild

The half-brother of Willa Mercy, he is a handsome, quiet and patient man who lives in a cottage on Mercy Ranch.

Ben McKinnon

The oldest brother of the McKinnon family, he runs Three Rocks Ranch with his family.

Bess Pringle

The housekeeper at Mercy Ranch for over thirty years, she is a...

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