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Part One, Fall:Chapters 1-5

• Jack Mercy's funeral is over and his house is full of people who are mostly curious. Willa, his youngest daughter wants the people gone.

• Willa goes to her room, changes into her work clothes and tells Bess Pringle to clear the house.

• Lily Mercy, Willa's half-sister hopes her ex-husband can't find her in Montana and hopes she will be able to stay there awhile.

• Adam Wolfchild, Willa's half-brother arrives and invites Lily to see the horses. Tess, the oldest sister watches them leave the house.

• Tess tells her agent in California she will be back Monday as soon as she finds out what her inheritance will be.
• Hamilton Dawson, the ranch foreman tells Willa the ranch chores are being done.

• Hamilton Dawson is Willa's father figure as her father spent little time with her.

• Nathan Torrence the family lawyer sits down to read...

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