Objects & Places from Montana 1948

Larry Watson
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Mercer County, Montana

This is where David and his family live during the events of the summer of 1948 and where Wesley serves as sheriff.

Brentrock, Montana

This is the county seat of Mercer County and where David and his family live.

Fort Warren Indian Reservation

This is where the Indians of the region live and where David's father goes as he is looking to build a case against Frank.

University of North Dakota Law School

This is where Wesley graduated from with a law degree.


This is David's horse.

Birdwell's Bee Farm

This is located near the reservation. It is where Gail believes the best honey in the country is produced.

Castle's Bowling Alley

This is where David sometimes has fun with his father and Ollie Young Bear.

Undset's Funeral Parlor

This is where both Marie Little Soldier and Frank Hayden are taken after they die in...

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