Montana 1948 Character Descriptions

Larry Watson
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David Hayden

This character is a 12 year old as the events of the summer of 1948 unfold.

Wesley Hayden

This character is serving his second term as sheriff of Mercer County.

Frank Hayden

This character is a physician in Mercer County, Montana.

Gail Hayden

This character runs a strict household and tries unsuccessfully to please her in-laws.

Gloria Hayden

David says this character is the most beautiful woman he knows.

Enid Hayden

David says that this character might always be on the verge of falling victim to attacks of nerves and dying.

Julian Hayden

This character seeks to bend everyone and everything to his will.

Marie Little Soldier

This character is hired to keep house for the Haydens and to keep an eye on David.

Len McAuley

This character worked as a deputy for both Julian and Wesley Hayden.

Ollie Young Bear

This young Indian has married a white...

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