Montana 1948 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Larry Watson
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Chapter 1

• Montana 1948 is set in Brentrock, Montana, in the year 1948. Mercer County is a rural area that includes a section of the Fort Warren Indian Reservation.

• The narrator of the story is 12 year old David Hayden whose father, Wesley Hayden, is the Sheriff of Mercer County.

• Sheriff Hayden seldom carries his gun because most disputes are minor.

• Gail Hayden is the wife of Sheriff Hayden and the mother of David. She would prefer to live in northern Montana. She also wishes that her husband, who has a law degree and is a member of the bar, would practice law.

• Sheriff Hayden's father, Julian Hayden, was the previous Sheriff of Mercer County. He asked his son to take over for him when he retired.

• David says his mother worries that he wants to grow up wild. David enjoys the time he spends at his grandparents’ farm where he can...

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