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Short Answer Questions

1. In the screenplay scene Steve writes just after his mother leaves, what does King say he "just needs" in order to commit the robbery?

2. What card game does Steve play in his cell after church on Sunday, July 12th?

3. What happened to the object Bobo gave Moore the day he came to visit her?

4. Which lawyer requests a sidebar when Bobo enters the courtroom to testify?

5. What is left in the cash register, according to Detective Williams?

Short Essay Questions

1. On Sunday the 12th, how does Steve see his brother Jerry?

2. How does the medical examiner say Mr. Nesbitt died?

3. What has O'Brien asked Steve to do when his response is to write down Mr. Sawicki's name twice?

4. What does O'Brien say about Petrocelli's bringing the crime scene photos out again just before the long weekend recess?

5. When O'Brien comes to see Steve on July 14 after Bobo's testimony, what does she say she has to now do in court to save Steve?

6. When Briggs questions Henry about identifying King, what does she admit about the photographs the police showed her?

7. How is the visual image of the courtroom just before Steve's verdict is read represented?

8. How do Steve's parents act when they come to visit on Sunday the 12th?

9. What happens when Steve is made to mop the floor?

10. Who is Eddie, and what is he accused of?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Much of the complexity of this novel rests on the difference between moral innocence and legal innocence. In an analytical essay, define each of these terms and describe the difference between them. Be sure to consider whether or not Steve is morally innocent of his crimes, despite the fact that his legal innocence was established.

Essay Topic 2

This story relies not only on journal entries, but also on scenes from a screenplay to establish plot, setting, characterization, action, and other fictional elements. Write an analytical essay explaining how Walter Dean Myers establishes Steve's point-of-view in these screenplay scenes. In addition, be sure to include detailed analyses of how this specific point-of-view effectively communicates fictional elements including, but not limited to plot, setting, or characterization.

Essay Topic 3

The narrative style of this novel is rather unique. Write an analytical essay that describes and analyzes the particular method Walter Dean Myers uses in Steve's journal entries to establish and communicate this point-of-view. In addition, what are the narrative benefits of such a point-of-view? How do these journal entries most effectively tell those parts of the story?

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