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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Osvaldo, how old is Bobo?

2. What has Steve never seen his father do?

3. Steve says prison is like what kind of movie?

4. In the credits in Chapter 1, Osvaldo Cruz is credited as what?

5. Who says that 'restaurants, liquor stores, and drugstores are the only things left in the neighborhood'?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the charges against Wendell Bolden get dropped?

2. When the newscaster in Steve's "notes" section of the screenplay asks a passerby if he is shocked by the crime, what is the man's response?

3. What is so shocking about Steve's father crying?

4. What does Steve say happens if anyone knows you are crying in prison?

5. How does the typeface of Steve's journal entries indicate stress or special meaning on certain words?

6. Why is Steve not hungry on the morning of Monday, July 6?

7. What kind of knife does one prisoner have? Describe it.

8. What does Wendell Bolden look and act like?

9. What does Star Wars have to do with the way Steve designs the beginning of his film?

10. Why is Steve's stomach upset on Wednesday, July 8?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

This book is courtroom drama. Pick one of the legal arguments made by either Petrocelli or O'Brien in their closing arguments. Write a detailed essay explaining the legal reasoning at work in their arguments and the evidence each lawyer has presented to prove her case. Be sure to use specific details from the case and the closing arguments in your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Life in prison is a big adjustment for Steve, and has a major impact on the way he feels about himself. Describe the details of prison life that most affect Steve, including specific examples from the text. You should include information and analysis on how prison changes Steve and/or does not change him.

Essay Topic 3

In a persuasive and analytical essay, describe the format of this novel. First, describe the various format(s) Myers uses in this novel. Second, decide whether or not you think one kind of format used in this novel is more effective than the other in communicating the major fictional elements: setting, characterization, imagery, symbolism, plot, action, etc. Be sure to write an essay with a strong argument about the effectiveness of the various format(s) you have described in the first part of the question.

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