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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, Tuesday, July 14th.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Steve say about the camera in the kind of movie he feels his life is like in the prologue?
(a) That it moves in too close.
(b) That it is a hidden camera.
(c) That it is a broken camera.
(d) That it stays far away.

2. According to Steve's journal from Wednesday, July 8, what does Kathy O'Brien said her job is in the eyes of the jury?
(a) To remind them Steve is young.
(b) To make Steve look innocent.
(c) To make Steve look human.
(d) To remind them Steve is black.

3. What does Briggs think Wendell Bolton's true motivation is for fingering King in the robbery?
(a) So his charges will be dropped.
(b) So he can collect the reward.
(c) So he will get a more lenient sentence.
(d) So he will be sent to a more friendly jail.

4. When Steve decides to write a movie, where does he say he learned to block out scenes?
(a) At home.
(b) In the prison library.
(c) From a book.
(d) At school.

5. Steve says in the prologue that every morning he feels what?
(a) Surprised to be in jail.
(b) Ready to be found guilty.
(c) Invigorated to get to the courtroom.
(d) Tired because he doesn't sleep well.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Lorelle Henry, how many men are in the lineup?

2. In the screenplay description of the inmates "yelling from cell to cell," what distinguishes their yells?

3. What does B&E mean, in the context of this book's courtroom scenes?

4. Steve says his movie will be not a story of his life, but a story of what?

5. What book does Steve's mom bring with her when visiting Steve?

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