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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, Tuesday, July 14th.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the woman holding in the image reproduced in the Sunday, July 12th section of this book?
(a) A photograph.
(b) A pen.
(c) A gun.
(d) A camera.

2. What is Steve's reaction to mopping the floor?
(a) It helps pass the time.
(b) It makes him sick.
(c) It makes him tired.
(d) It makes him sorry.

3. Who calls Steve "youngblood" in the screenplay following the note of Tuesday, July 7?
(a) Peaches.
(b) Johnny.
(c) Precious.
(d) King.

4. Why is Jerry not in the visitor's room?
(a) He does not visit.
(b) He escaped.
(c) He is not allowed.
(d) He had to go to church.

5. During Karyl's testimony, there is a close up shot of crime scene photos. Which part of the victim's body can be seen in these photos?
(a) Feet.
(b) Legs.
(c) Head.
(d) Arms.

Short Answer Questions

1. What stolen goods does Wendell Bolton buy?

2. When was Mr. Nesbitt's gun registered?

3. What kind of sports game is on TV Sunday, July 12th, which Steve said does not "look real"?

4. In the screenplay description of the inmates "yelling from cell to cell," what distinguishes their yells?

5. During Lorelle Henry's testimony, where does she say she was bringing her granddaughter?

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