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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, Wednesday, July 8th.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In which jail does Steve find himself in?
(a) Alcatraz.
(b) Manhattan Detention Center.
(c) Juvenile Hall.
(d) Rikers Island.

2. Why does the judge call for a break during the intense questioning of Wendell Bolton by Briggs?
(a) To calm down the juror.
(b) To attend to administrative tasks.
(c) To calm down Briggs.
(d) To overrule Petrocelli.

3. What reason does Steve provide for why two particular items are taken away from prisoners?
(a) To prevent recidivism.
(b) To encourage rehabilitation.
(c) To prevent violence.
(d) To prevent suicide.

4. Which two items are taken away from prisoners, according to Steve?
(a) Money and shoes.
(b) Shoelaces and belts.
(c) Glasses and medicine.
(d) Shoes and shoelaces.

5. In the credits in Chapter 1, Sandra Petrocelli is credited as what?
(a) Attorney General.
(b) District Attorney.
(c) Dedicated Prosecutor.
(d) Indifferent Attorney.

Short Answer Questions

1. When we first see Steve in the screenplay description in the first chapter, what is lying on his cot next to him?

2. Why does Steve think Petrocelli is using Bolden's testimony?

3. In the prologue, Steve says if anyone is prison knows you are crying, what will happen?

4. In the credits in Chapter 1, Osvaldo Cruz is credited as what?

5. What does Steve notice about the mirror in his cell in the prologue?

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