Monster Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Steve Harmon - This person is the fictional author; the entire book is written from his point of view.

Kathy O'Brien - This person is a lawyer who turns away from her client after the trial ends.

James King - This person is on trial alongside the narrator.

Sandra Petrocelli - This person is the prosecuting attorney.

Asa Briggs - This person is the lawyer of the main character's co-defendant.

Alguinaldo Nesbitt - This person, an immigrant to the U.S., is the murder victim.

George Sawicki - This person is involved with mentoring young people about film.

Jose Delgado - This person works at the drugstore but did not witness the murder.

Sal Zinzi - This witness for the prosecution tries to shorten his prison time by testifying about what he heard from another prisoner.

Wendell Bolden - This witness is trying to reduce his time...

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