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• Steve Harmon is writing in a notebook from prison.
• He describes the horror of life in prison.
• He explains why he chose Monster as the title for his book.

Chapter 1, Monday, July 6th

• Steve is sixteen years old.

• He meets his lawyer, Kathy O'Brien, at the courthouse.
• What everyone says during the hearing is reproduced seemingly verbatim in this part of the chapter.

• Steve writes "Monster" over and over, and O'Brien crosses out the words.
• The scene shifts to a flashback of Steve in a high school film club meeting.

• The prosecutor, Sandra Petrocelli, explains that the murder victim, 55-year-old Alguinaldo Nesbitt, was shot with his own gun during a robbery.

• Steve's lawyer and the attorney representing the other defendant, James King, argue that there is not enough evidence.

Chapter 2, Tuesday, July 7th

• Wendell Bolden is being cross-examined, and he gives testimony that he knows who did...

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