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Sanyika Shakur
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kody and his gang send the message that harming female family members would not be tolerated?
(a) They cut off the arms of rival gang member.
(b) They shoot at a rival gang member's mother.
(c) They propose a truce with their rival gangs.
(d) They kidnapped a rival gang member's sister.

2. What does Kody realize about the Crips and his gang activity while he is in jail?
(a) He wants to leave the gang.
(b) The Crips are stronger than anyone thought and the gang has a hold over Kody.
(c) The Crips need to become more powerful.
(d) He is happy with his gang life.

3. Why is it not possible for Kody to have committed the murder he is on trial for in the chapter, "Can't Stop, Won't Stop?"
(a) Kody does not kill people.
(b) The killer used two hands to shoot and Kody was in a cast at the time.
(c) Kody does not have a gun.
(d) Kody is in jail at the time.

4. What family member does Kody see at Camp Munz?
(a) His father.
(b) His brother.
(c) His uncle.
(d) His cousin.

5. On the night that Kody and his crew are searching for a car to steal, who do they come across?
(a) A man washing his van.
(b) An abandoned car, which they take.
(c) Someone they can carjack.
(d) A rival gang member.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long is Kody's sentence at the Youth Facility?

2. Where is Kody's mother during the shooting at the store?

3. What does Kody do when he sees Lil' Hunchy?

4. Why does Kody agree to go with the four girls to the store he wants to rob?

5. Why does Kody want to fight these men outside the store he wants to rob?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Kody and his crew send a message to would-be kidnappers?

2. What happens once the police officers arrive at the hospital to interview Kody about the shooting that left him injured?

3. In the chapter, "The Juvenile Tank" Kody deals with a lot of violence. How does these events begin to change Kody's thoughts about his gang life?

4. In the chapter, "Can't Stop, Won't Stop, Kody finds himself in jail. How does Kody show his strength as a leader even in jail?

5. Kody enters the Crips after his 6th grade graduation. How does Kody prove that he is ready for the gang life?

6. How does Kody's mother continue to show support for her son after he is released from jail and shot in the back?

7. In the chapter "Ambush," Kody talks about how gang members are treated. What does he say about how did the gang members treat each other?

8. In the chapter "Boys to Men", do Kody demonstrate any remorse his violent actions?

9. Describe what happens when Kody and his crew try to steal a van.

10. How is revenge illustrated in the chapter, "Boys to Men?"

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