Objects & Places from Monkey

Wu Cheng'en
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Mountain of the Five Elements

The mountain that the Stone Monkey was imprisoned in for five-hundred years. He was placed here by Buddha.

Mountain of Fruit and Flowers

This is where the Stone Monkey is king of the other monkeys.


The city where Tripitaka left to begin his journey to retrieve the scriptures from India.

Holy Iron Staff

A magic weapon given to the Stone Monkey by the dragon king. Monkey is able to make it as small as a sewing needle or as large as he wants.

The Peach Garden

This contains magic trees, and the fruit off of them give immortality and other mystical powers.


A city that Tripitaka and his disciples encounter along the way where a king has been killed and a wizard sits on the throne in his place.

Jade Tablet

The item given to Tripitaka by the dead king of...

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