Monkey Character Descriptions

Wu Cheng'en
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Stone Monkey

He is a mischievous animal that looks to religion to gain immortality. He is often very focused on himself and is childish in his manner.


He has overcome a great many things since his father was killed and he is forced to save his mother. His birth is foretold by Kuan-yin as a birth of someone that is more than mortal, but on his journey the reader will see he lacks many attributes that most look for in a hero.

Jade Emperor

He is the King of Heaven who is unable to control the Stone Monkey.


Is called to Heaven by the Jade Emperor to help with the Stone Monkey. He is the one who traps the Stone Monkey in the mountain.


She is a Bodhisattva. She helps Tripitaka on his journey and sets his disciples out along the road to help him...

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